EM Budget & Prioritization
Committee Minutes

The purpose of this committee is to annually develop a recommendation, to be considered by the full board, regarding the DOE Oak Ridge Environmental Management Program's fiscal year+2 budget request to DOE EM Headquarters. The committee does not have a set meeting schedule, but convenes as needed usually in the February-March timeframe. Attachments to the minutes are available by contacting the ORSSAB support offices by phone at (865) 241-4583, 241-4584, or 1-800-382-6938, or by email at osbornepl@oro.doe.gov or grossrs@oro.doe.gov

The ORSSAB website has moved to a new location at: energy.gov/ORSSAB

FY-2012 | FY-2011

Date Topic
3/5/12 Meeting with EPA and TDEC Officials
2/23/12 Initial discussion of DOE Priorities
7/14/11 Review process of making recommendation on budget requests and determine how to best use Dynamic Planning Model for FY 2014 recommendation
3/25/11 Review of budget scenarios and regulator priorities
1/19/11 Description of prioritization model and setting budget scenarios
1/6/11 First meeting. Charge to committee of its task


Last Update 3/14/12