Environmental Management & Stewardship
Committee Minutes

Committee meeting minutes are available by clicking on the meeting dates below. Attachments to the minutes are available by contacting the ORSSAB support offices by phone at (865) 241-4583, 241-4584, or 1-800-382-6938, or by email at osbornepl@oro.doe.gov or grossrs@oro.doe.gov

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Date Topic
5/21/14 Update on Oak Ridge Geographical Information System and Status of National Priority List Boundary Definition Changes and
Update on the Land Use Manager
4/16/14 Review of 2014 Remediation Effectiveness Report
3/19/14 Consideration of recommendations on the FY 2016 DOE Oak EM Budget Request, Additional Waste Disposal Capacity on the ORR, and Off-site Groundwater Migration Study.
2/19/14 Additional Waste Disposal Capacity on the Oak Ridge Reservation: Status of EM Disposal Facility
1/15/14 EM & Stewardship Committee - Enhancing the Acquisition, Storage, and Retention of Certain EM (Environmental Management) Data for Future Use – Steve Stow
11/20/13 EM & Stewardship Committee - Discussion of Long-term Groundwater Strategy Development Document
FY-2013 [top]
9/17/13 Combined meeting with Stewardship - Develop FY 2014 work plan for combined EM/Stewardship Committee
8/26/13 Combined meeting with Stewardship - continued discussion of merging EM and Stewardship Committees and discussion
of a combined committee work plan.

The committees voted to combine.
7/17/13 Combined meeting with Stewardship - discussion of merging EM and Stewardship Committees
6/19/13 Discussion on Possible Recommendation on Nickel
Discussion on Potential of Merging EM and Stewardship Committees
  no meeting in May
4/30/13 Called meeting - Update on Groundwater Strategy Workshops
4/17/13 Update on the Uranium-233 Disposition Project
3/20/13 Report on Remediation Strategy Plan for the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment
2/20/13 Discussion of draft recommendation on hazardous and radioactive waste in long-term storage
1/16/13 Legacy Waste and Materials Disposition
  No meeting in December
11/28/12 Briefing on Groundwater Strategy Development Workshops
10/17/12 Siting of Second CERCLA Waste Disposal Facility
FY-2012 [top]
9/19/12 Discussion of Dan Goode Visit and Path Forward with Groundwater Research
8/15/12 Committee Discussion with Dan Goode, USGS, on Proposed Groundwater Research for the Oak Ridge Reservation
7/18/12 Review Fact Sheet on Explanation of Significant Differences for East Fork
Poplar Creek
6/20/12 Legacy Materials in Central Campus of Oak Ridge National Lab
5/16/12 Discussion of Cleanup Activities and Plans for East Tennessee Technology Park
4/25/12 Update on Transuranic Waste Processing Center and Melton Valley Storage Tanks
  No Meeting in March
2/15/12 Groundwater Remediation Planning for Bethel Valley and Melton Valley
1/18/12 Status of Siting Second CERCLA Waste Disposal Facility
  No meeting in December
11/16/11 Mercury Abatement at Y-12 National Security Complex
10/19/11 K-25 Overview
FY-2011 [top]
9/21/11 Develop FY-2012 Work Plan
  No meeting in August
7/20/11 Information on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit for Y-12 National Security Complex
6/15/11 Update on Transuranic Waste Processing Center
5/18/11 Assessment and Remediation of Groundwater on the Oak Ridge Reservation
4/20/11 Discussion of Offsite Groundwater Monitoring Wells
in Melton Valley
3/16/11 Discussion of Corehole 8/Tank W-1A Removal at Oak Ridge National Lab
2/16/11 Radioactive Waste Stored Longer Than One Year/Disposition of Stored Waste and Material at East Tennessee Technology Park
1/19/11 Discussion of Path Forward for Molten Salt Reactor Remaining Salt Removal
12/15/10 Discussion of Expansion of Environmental Management Waste Management Facility and Future Waste Management Options
11/17/10 Discussion of Bear Creek Burial Grounds Response Actions
10/20/10 Update on K-1007 Ponds at ETTP Site Treatment Plan Milestones
FY-2010 [top]
9/15/10 Update on Transuranic Waste Processing Activities
  No meeting in August
7/21/10 Update on Building 3019/U-233 Project
6/16/10 Update on Corehole 8/Tank W-1A Removal Project Update on Groundwater Study at ETTP Bethel Valley Groundwater Early Actions
5/19/10 Update on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Projects on the Oak Ridge Reservation
  No meeting in April
3/17/10 Follow-up Discussion on U-233 Project from March ORSSAB presentation
2/17/10 Report on Closure of Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator
1/20/10 CERCLA Waste Disposal Update Engineering Study to Remove Fuel Salts from Molten Salt Reactor Experiment
12/16/09 Sequencing Remaining Integrated Facilities Disposition
Program Scope Engineering Evaluation Cost/Assessment for a Non-Time Critical Removal Action for Chromium Discharges into Mitchell Branch
  No Meeting in November
10/21/09 Update on Groundwater Treatability Study at East Tennessee Technology Park
FY-2009 [top]
9/16/09 Update on Activities at ETTP: K-25 Demolition, K-27 Preparations, Ponds Remediation Develop FY-2010 Work Plan
8/19/09 Update on the Transuranic Waste Processing Center
7/15/09 Report of Closure of Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator
6/17/09 Stability of Materials in Bear Creek Burial Grounds and Long-term Fate of the Material
5/20/09 Report on Deep Hydrofracture Monitoring Well in Melton Valley and Update on Monitoring Wells on the West Side of the Clinch River
4/15/09 Discussion of Expansion of the CERCLA Waste Cell at Y-12 - also discussion of sorting and segregating of waste and the underdrain
3/18/09 Discussion of Possible Recommendation on the FY-2009-11 Budget Priorities Presentation to ORSSAB on March 11 Discussion of Building 3026 Time Critical Removal Action
2/17/09 Discussion of Groundwater Exit Pathways on the
Oak Ridge Reservation
1/21/09 Building 3019 Update
12/17/08 K-25/K-27 Update and ETTP Ponds Remediation Status
11/19/08 Integrated Facility Disposition Project/Re-sequencing of EM Cleanup Plans
10/15/08 Status of the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan for East Tennessee Technology Park; Explanation of Treatability Study for ETTP
FY-2008 [top]
9/17/08 Discussion of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment
8/20/08 Operation of TRU Waste Processing Facility
Develop FY-2009 work plan
7/16/08 Update on K-25 D&D
6/18/08 Newly Generated Waste
5/21/08 Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator update
ETTP Accelerated Cleanup
ETTP Ponds Progress
4/16/08 Building 3019 Update
3/19/08 Discussion of FY-2010 Budget Prioritization
Discussion of Waste Disposition Strategy
2/20/08 ARCADIS Report on East Tennessee Technology Park Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study-D3 version
1/16/08 2007 Remediation Effectiveness Report Briefing (combined meeting with Stewardship Committee)
12/19/07 Engineering and Technology Update for DOE-Oak Ridge
  Committee did not meet in November
10/16/07 Contamination of Picket Wells in Melton Valley (combined meeting with Stewardship Committee)
10/16/07 Update on East Tennessee Technology Park Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
(Regular EM meeting following combined meeting with Stewardship)
9/19/07 Independent Verification of Cleanup at ETTP



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