For Immediate Release
Contact: Pete Osborne, ORSSAB Support Office (865) 576-1590

National Advisory Board Meeting
on DOE Cleanup Program Set for October 18 and 19

Oak Ridge, Tenn. - October 15, 2002 - Representatives from nine U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) site specific advisory boards (SSABs) will hold their semiannual meeting October 18 and 19 at the Knoxville Hilton Hotel. The meeting was originally scheduled for the Knoxville Marriott, which closed recently due to an electrical fire.

SSABs are independent advisory boards to the DOE cleanup program. They were formed under the Federal Advisory Committee Act in the 1990s to involve the public more directly in DOE cleanup decisions.

The semiannual meetings, known as “SSAB Chairs Meetings,” are hosted by various DOE sites around the country to offer the SSAB chairs and members with an opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest. The fall meeting is being sponsored by DOE Oak Ridge Offices and the Oak Ridge SSAB.

“We’re very pleased to host this event,” said local SSAB Chairman Dave Mosby. “The Chairs Meetings offer a great perspective on how environmental cleanup is proceeding around the nation, and hosting a meeting here gives us an opportunity to show off the progress that’s being made in cleaning up the Oak Ridge site."

The main topic of discussion at the meeting will be accelerated cleanup – DOE’s new $1.1 billion program to speed up efforts to rid the country of contamination left over from nuclear weapons production during past decades. The local DOE office is expecting to receive $110 million of that money in its FY 2003 budget.

Invitees to the meeting include Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management Jessie Roberson and several other DOE representatives from Washington and Oak Ridge.

Additional information about the meeting and the Oak Ridge SSAB can be found on the web at www.oakridge.doe.gov/em/ssab or by calling (865) 576-1590.