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Contact: Rikki Traylor, ORSSAB Secretary, (865) 690-8432

Advisory Board Shortens Name

Oak Ridge, Tenn. - May 12, 1999 - One of the longest acronyms in Oak Ridge just got a bit shorter.

On May 12 members of the Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board (ORREMSSAB) voted to shorten the group’s name to Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (ORSSAB).

"Many of our members felt it wasn’t a good idea to have a name that takes more than one breath of air to say," joked ORSSAB chair, Bill Pardue. "But the change doesn’t mean that we’ve altered our focus in any way. Our charter is still to provide advice and recommendations to the Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management Program. We just decided it really wasn’t necessary to spell all that out in our name."

Chartered in 1995 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, ORSSAB is a volunteer citizens’ panel that advises the Department of Energy-Oak Ridge Offices Office on a variety of environmental issues. The board currently has fifteen members, selected from Oak Ridge and surrounding counties.

The name change was one of the amendments to the ORSSAB bylaws considered at the board’s monthly meeting, held at the Garden Plaza Hotel.