For Immediate Release
Contact: Rikki Traylor, ORSSAB Secretary, (865) 690-8432

EPA to Present Draft Environmental Sampling
and Analysis Plan for the Scarboro Community

Oak Ridge, Tenn. - August 24, 1999 - Camilla Bond Warren, EPA Region 4 Section Chief for the DOE Remedial Section, will present the agency's draft Environmental Sampling and Analysis Plan for the Scarboro Community at the September 1 meeting of the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (ORSSAB).

The purpose of the plan, according to Constance Jones, an EPA remedial project manager who serves as the agency's representative to the board, is to validate results of DOE sampling performed in the Scarboro Community in May 1998. The results of DOE sampling, which were reported in the Scarboro Community Environmental Study last September, showed little variance with sampling results in other parts of the city.

Jones says that EPA's plan is consistent with agency oversight guidance policies and directives and that EPA sampling in Scarboro "conforms with the agency's community involvement agenda by providing technical advice and assistance to the community."

The draft plan, which is tentatively slated for release around the end of September, will be distributed to the Scarboro Community at large, says Jones, and members of the public will be asked to comment. An EPA-sponsored information session at the Scarboro Community Center is also in the works for mid-September. Sampling will start in fall or winter and will take approximately one week to complete.

Ms. Warren's presentation to the Site Specific Advisory Board will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Garden Plaza Hotel in Oak Ridge. The meeting is open to the public.

ORSSAB is a local advisory committee chartered under the DOE Environmental Management Site-Specific Advisory Board.