Stewardship Education Resource Kit

In March 2005 ORSSAB launched its Stewardship Education Resource Kit, which was developed over the course of three years to provide high school educators with materials on the background, science, history, and cleanup of contaminated areas on the Oak Ridge Reservation and the stewardship of residually contaminated sites.

The kit contains lesson plans, videos, a fictional case study based on actual cleanup operations, an appendix of supporting materials, and a video CD on the background and use of the kit.

The kit is exceptional because it offers teachers a complete resource for educating students about long-term stewardship of contaminated land. It provides great flexibility for teachers to tailor the lessons to a number of grade levels and specific subject areas, such as environmental science, chemistry, biology, ecology, civics, or history.

Click on the links below to learn more about the kit, or call the ORSSAB support office at (865) 241-4583 or 241-4584.