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Date Presentation Topic

June 11

"Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee Efforts at the East Tennessee Technology Park," Steve Cooke, DOE

May 14

"Update on the Transuranic Waste Processing Center," Laura Wilkerson, DOE..

April 9

"Development of a Comprehensive Mercury Strategy for the Oak Ridge Reservation," Laura Wilkerson, DOE

March 12

"FY 2016 DOE-Oak Ridg Environmental Management Program Budget and Prioritization," Tammy Blaine, DOE

February 12

Inclement weather caused cancellation of February meeting.

January 8

"Sufficient Waste Disposal Capacity for the Oak Ridge Reservation," Laura Wilkerson, DOE


No meeting

November 13

"Groundwater Strategy Development Effort," Dan Goode, U.S. Geological Survey

October 9

Meeting postponed
FY-2013 [top]

September 11

"A Review of Long-term Stewardship for the Contaminated Areas on the Oak Ridge Reservation," Lorene Sigal

August 17

Annual Meeting

July 2013

No meeting

June 12, 2013

"Environmental Management Complex Overview," Dave Adler, DOE

May 8 , 2013

"Remediation Effectiveness Report," Jason Darby, DOE, and Dick Ketelle, UCOR

April 10, 2013

"East Tennessee Technology Park Portfolio Plan," Jim Kopotic, Federal Project Director, DOE-ORO

"Y-12 National Security Complex Portfolio Plan," Laura Wilkerson, Federal Project Director, DOE-ORO

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory Portfolio Plan," Bill McMillan, Federal Project Director, DOE-ORO


March 13, 2013

"Transfers and Leases Reindustrialization Program in Oak Ridge, Tenneessee," Brian Henry, Chief, Reservation Management Branch, DOE-ORO

"Overview of the DOE Procurement Process," Barbara Jackson, Director, Procurement and Contracts Division,
February 13, 2013 "FY 2015 DOE-Oak Ridge Environmental Management Budget and Prioritization," Alan Stokes, DOE-ORO
January 9, 2013 "East Tennessee Technology Park Cleanup Project," Jim Kopotic, DOE-ORO
December 2012 No meeting
November 14, 2012 "Accumulated Legacy Waste & Material Disposition Activity," Joy Sager, DOE-ORO
October 10, 2012 "Overview of Stewardship Tracking and Its Automation on the ORR," Jason Darby, DOE-ORO
FY-2012 [top]
September 9, 2012 "Status and Future Plans for ORNL Cleanup," Laura Wilkerson, DOE-ORO
August 18, 2012 Summary of 2012 Annual Planning Meeting
July 11, 2012 "Public Health Activities at the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation," Jack Hanley, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
June 13, 2012 "Status and Future Plans for Y-12 Cleanup," Laura Wilkerson, DOE-ORO

May 9, 2012 "EM SSAB Members and the Federal Advisory Committee Act," Cate Alexander, DOE Designated Federal Officer

April 11, 2012 "U-233 Disposition Program Update" John Krueger, DOE-ORO

March 14, 2012 "East Tennessee Technology Park Cleanup Status," Jim Kopotic, DOE-ORO

February 8, 2012
"FY-2014 DOE-Oak Ridge Environmental Management Program Budget & Prioritization," Alan Stokes, DOE-ORO
January 11, 2012
"Transforming Oak Ridge Through Asset Revitalization - the Oak Ridge Reindustrialization Program at Work," Brian Henry, DOE-ORO
December 2011 No meeting
November 9, 2011
"Hot Cells Project: Building 3026 and 3038," Laura Wilkerson, DOE-ORO
October 12, 2011
"Bear Creek Burial Grounds Interim Action Evaluation," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
FY-2011 [top]
September 14, 2011
"ETTP Cleanup Mission," Leo Sain, UCOR President and Project Manager
August 20, 2011 Summary of FY-2011 Annual Meeting
July 13, 2011 "An Introduction to the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
June 8, 2011 "2011 Remediation Effectiveness Report," Dick Ketelle, Bechtel Jacobs, Co.
May 26, 2011 Called meeting to consider a time-sensitive recommendation to the DOE Environmental Management Program regarding its FY-2013 budget request.
May 11, 2011 "DOE ORR Groundwater Management Strategies," Dick Ketelle, Bechtel Jacobs, Co., and Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
April 13, 2011 "Update on the FY-2013 DOE-Oak Ridge EM Budget Request," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
March 9, 2011 "Uranium-233 Disposition Project Update," John Krueger, Federal Project Director, DOE-ORO
February 9, 2011 "FY-2013 DOE-Oak Ridge Environmental Management Program Budget and Prioritization," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
No January meeting  
December 8, 2010 "Issues Related to the Focused Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan for Zone 1 at East TennesseeTechnology Park," Sid Garland, Bechtel Jacobs, Co.
November 10, 2010 "Update on the ORNL Central Gaseous Waste System," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
October 13, 2010 "DOE-Oak Ridge EM Budget and Prioritization," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
FY-2010 [top]
September 8, 2010 "Stewardship Implementation on the Oak Ridge Reservation," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
August 21, 2010 Summary of FY-2010 Retreat
July 14, 2010 "Long-term Stewardship for Contaminated Areas of the Oak Ridge Reservation," Lorene Sigal, ORSSAB Stewardship Committee
June 9, 2010 "Draft Request for Proposal Briefing," Jay Mullis, DOE-ORO
May 12, 2010 "Cumulative Aspects of Waste Processors In and Around the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation," Ezequiel Velez and Douglas Chatham, Environmental Protection Agency
April 14, 2010 "2010 Remediation Effectiveness Report," Jason Darby, DOE-ORO
March 10, 2010 "Update on Building 3019 Uranium-233 Processing," Wendy Cain, DOE-ORO
February 10, 2010 "Federal Budget Process & Priorities," Art Haugh, DOE-ORO
January 13, 2010 "Technetium-99 Issues in the K-25 Building," Jim Thiesing, Bechtel Jacobs, Co.
December 9, 2009 "Mitchell Branch Collection System," Sid Garland, Bechtel Jacobs, Co.
November 18, 2009 "White Oak Dam and Sediment Control Structure," Jim Koptoic, DOE-ORO
October 14, 2009 "Overview of Recovery Act Projects at Y-12," Laura Wilkerson, DOE-ORO (Presentation 1)

"Review of ORNL ARRA Cleanup Projects," Dave Adler, DOE-ORO (Presentation 2)
FY-2009 [top]
September 9, 2009 John Michael Japp, DOE-ORO, "Brief History of Mercury Use and Cleanup Efforts at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Site:
August 29, 2009 Summary of Annual Retreat
August 12, 2009 Kathy Johnson, ORSSAB Facilitator, "Results of the Annual Member Survey"
July 8, 2009 Laura Wilkerson, DOE-ORO, "Oak Ridge EM Waste Disposal - CERCLA Cell (EMWMF) and ORR Landfills"
June 10, 2009 David Kosson, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, "Consortium for Risk Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation"
May 13, 2009
J.T. Howell, DOE-ORO, "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"
April 8, 2009 Bill McMillan, DOE-ORO, "Transuranic Waste Processing"
March 11, 2009 Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO Asst. Manager for Environmental Management, "FY-2000-11 Budget Priorities"
February 11, 2009 Joan Hughes, Bechtel Jacobs, Co., "ASER 2007 Overview."
January 14, 2009 Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO Asst. Manager for Environmental Management, "Potential Opportunities for Footprint Reduction on the Oak Ridge Reservation."
December 10, 2008 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Trench 13 Status Report"
November 12, 2008 Vince Adams, Director of the DOE Office of Soil and Groundwater Remediation, "Groundwater and Soil Remediation
October 8, 2008 Tammy Blaine and Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "The Federal Budget Process"
FY-2008 [top]
September 10, 2008 Katatra Vasquez, DOE-ORO, "The Federal Historic Preservation Program"
August 9, 2008 Annual Meeting
August 9, 2008 Summary of Annual Retreat
July 9, 2008 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Environmental Management Cleanup History and Progress and How ORSSAB has Influenced the Program"
June 11, 2008 John Michael Japp, DOE-ORO, "Status Briefing on the Oak Ridge CERCLA Cell (also known as the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility)"
May 14, 2008 J.T. Howell, DOE-ORO, "Report on Submittal of the Integrated Facility Disposition Project CD-1 Document"
April 9, 2008 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, and Jason Darby, DOE-ORO, "White Oak Lake/Embayment and Bear Creek Valley Uranium Disposals"
March 12, 2008 Joan Hughes, UT-Battelle, "2006 Annual Site Environmental Report"
February 13, 2008 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Environmental Management Program Budget and Prioritization"
January 9, 2008 Christine Gelles, Director, DOE Office of Disposal Operations, Office of Environmental Management, "Oak Ridge Waste Disposition Update"
December 12, 2007 Jack Howard, DOE-ORO, "Status of K-25/K-27 Decontamination and Decommissioning"
Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Status of Appendix E&J Milestones for the East Tennessee Technology Park and Other Projects"
November 14, 2007 Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "K-25 Building Historic Preservation"
October 10, 2007 Mike Hughes, Bechtel Jacobs, Co., and Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "EM Program Update"
September 12, 2007 Jeff Cange, Bechtel Jacobs, Co., "Corehole 8 - Tank W-1A Removal Action Update"
FY-2007 [top]
August 11, 2007 Annual Meeting
August 11, 2007 Summary of Annual Retreat
July 11, 2007 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Federal Facility Agreement Appendix E and J Milestone Process"
June 2007 No meeting
May 9, 2007 Public meeting on the 2006 Remediation Effectiveness Report/CERCLA Five-year Review
April 11, 2007 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Remaining Clean-up Scope for the Oak Ridge Reservation"
March 14, 2007 Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "Update on the EM Budget"
February 14, 2007 Michael Torbert, DOE Headquarters, "DOE National Low-Level Waste/Mixed Low-Level Waste Disposition Strategy"
January 10, 2007 Scott Kirk, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, "Plans for Independent Cleanup Verification at East Tennessee Technology Park."
December 13, 2006 Business meeting - bylaws revisions. No presentation
November 8, 2006 Mike Hughes, Bechtel Jacobs, Co., and Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "EM Program Update"
October 11, 2006 Steve Stow, ORSSAB, "...and Some of the Cowboys Wore White Hats: Disposal of Liquid Nuclear Waste at Oak Ridge National Laboratory During the Manhattan Project"
September 13, 2006 Dave Adler, DOE, "Proposed Environmental Management Program Activities for the U-233 Project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Bldg. 3019)
FY-2006 [top]
August 12, 2006 Annual Planning Retreat
August 12, 2006 Annual Meeting
July 12, 2006 Jeff Crane, EPA Region 4, "CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA, and Other Regulations"
June 14, 2006 Ralph Skinner, DOE-ORO, "Melton Valley Overview"
May 10, 2006 Paul Clay, Bechtel Jacobs, "Oak Ridge Accelerated Cleanup Overview and Status Report on the Oak Ridge Environmental Management Program"
April 12, 2006 Chuck Spoons, DOE-ORO, "Oak Ridge Reservation Planning – Integrating Multiple Land Uses"
March 8, 2006 Mike Jugan, DOE-ORO, "Update on the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment"
February 8, 2006 Susan Cange, DOE ORO, "Reindustrialization of the East Tennessee Technology Park"
January 11, 2006 Joan Hughes, ORNL, "2004 Annual Site Environmental Report"
December 14, 2005 Peter Caswell, Restoration Services, Inc., "East Tennessee Technology Park Soil Characterization and Completion Documentation"
November 9, 2005 Joe Williams, Bechtel Jacobs, "Update on the EM Haul Road"
October 12, 2005 Richard Lee, Bechtel Jacobs, "Bethel Valley Groundwater Engineering Study"
September 14, 2005 Lynn Sims, Bechtel Jacobs, "Overview of the Risk Assessment Process"
FY-2005 [top]
August 13, 2005 Annual Planning Retreat
August 13, 2005 Annual Meeting
July 13, 2005 Ralph Skinner, Bill Cahill, Mildred Ferre, DOE-ORO, "Status of Cleanup Work in the Melton Valley, East Tennessee Technology Park, and Balance of Reservation Programs"
June 8, 2005 Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "Integrated Facility Disposition Plan for the Oak Ridge Reservation;" Greg Eidam, Bechtel Jacobs, "K-25/K-27 D&D – Status and Criticality Issues"
May 11, 2005 Donna Campbell & Norman Mulvenon, ORSSAB, "Stewardship Education Resource Kit"
April 13, 2005 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "CERCLA Documentation"
March 9, 2005 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Waste Disposition Challenges at the Oak Ridge Reservation"
February 9, 2005 Harvey Rice, DOE-ORO, "Transfer of Responsibility for Newly Generated Waste"
January 12, 2005 Tim Joseph, DOE-ORO, "Annual Site Environmental Report"
December 8, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Witherspoon Cleanup," and Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "Update on ETTP End Use"
November 10, 2004 Mike Hughes, Bechtel Jacobs, and Steve McCracken, DOE-ORO, "Update on the Oak Ridge Reservation EM Program"
October 13, 2004 Ken Skinner, Bechtel Jacobs; "Dynamic Verification Strategy at ETTP Zone 1"
September 8, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO; "Proposed Haul Road to the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility"
FY-2004 [top]
August 7, 2004 Annual Meeting
July 14, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO; Connie Jones, EPA; John Owsley, TDEC; "Topics for ORSSAB Consideration in FY 2005"
June 9, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Update on  ETTP Sodium Fire and Highway 95 Strontium-90 Spill"
May 12, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Capacity Assessment Remedial Action Report"
April 14, 2004 Mike Hughes, Bechtel Jacobs, "Oak Ridge Reservation Cleanup Program"
March 10, 2004 Susan Cange, DOE-ORO, "Covenant Deferral Process and Soil Vapor Sampling at ETTP" .
February 11, 2004 Julie Pfeffer, Bechtel Jacobs Company, "Focused Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan for ETTP Zone 2"
January 14, 2004 Dave Adler, DOE; Doug McCoy, TDEC; Jeff Crane, EPA; "Overview of the FFA Core Team Concept"
December 10, 2003 General business (Followed by a public meeting on the DOE-ORO EM Program)
November 12, 2003 Ralph Skinner, DOE-ORO, "Draft Risk-Based End State Vision Document for the Oak Ridge Reservation"
October 8, 2003 Dave Mosby, ORSSAB, "Overview of ORSSAB Bylaws, Special Rules of Order, and Standing Rules"
September 10, 2003 John Owsley, TDEC, "TDEC's Environmental Monitoring and Oversight Program"
FY-2003 [top]
August 2, 2003 Annual Planning Retreat & Meeting
July 9, 2003 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO; Jeff Crane, EPA; John Owsley, TDEC; "Topics for ORSSAB Consideration in FY 2004"
June 11, 2003 John Michael Japp, DOE-ORO, "Groundwater Issues at the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility"
May 14, 2003 Dave Hutchins, DOE-ORO, "Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinder Program at ETTP"
April 9, 2003 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Remediation of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment"
March 12, 2003 Steve Liedle, Bechtel Jacobs Company, "Update on Bechtel Jacobs' Accelerated Closure Program Activities"
February 12, 2003 Lorene Sigal, "Why Stewardship?"
January 8, 2003 Gary Riner, DOE-ORO, "Transuranic Waste Treatment Project"
December 11, 2002 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Comprehensive Waste Disposition Plan"
November 13, 2002 Connie Jones, EPA, "Draft September 2001 Sampling Report for the Scarboro Community"
October 9, 2002 Doug McCoy, TDEC, "Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) Acceleration Concepts"
September 12, 2002 Bob Sleeman,  DOE-ORO, "Overview of the DOE-ORO Life Cycle Baseline Process"
FY-2002 [top]
August 3-4, 2002 Annual Planning Retreat & Meeting
July 10, 2002 Pat Parr, ORNL, "ORR Land Use Planning Process"
June 12, 2002 Jason Darby, DOE-ORO, "Update on the Boneyard/Burnyard Project"
May 8, 2002 No meeting presentation this month.
April 10, 2002 Bob Sleeman, DOE-ORO, Oak Ridge Comprehensive Closure Plan Proposal
March 13, 2002 Ralph Skinner, DOE-ORO, "Long-Term Stewardship Strategic Plan"
February 13, 2002 Gary Riner, DOE-ORO, and Bill Childres, TDEC, Deletion of Mixed TRU Milestones from the Site Treatment Plan"
January 9, 2002 Dave Adler, DOE-ORO, "Overview of Environmental Management Activities in Melton Valley"
December 10, 2001 Bobby Davis and Steve Wyatt, DOE-ORO, "Emergency Management Preparedness and Communications"
November 14, 2001 William Cahill, DOE-ORO, "Update on the EM Waste Management Facility"
October 10, 2001 Don Gilmore, TDEC, "TDEC Residential Well Monitoring Program"
September 12, 2001 Susan Cange, DOE-ORO,  "Reindustrialization"
FY-2001 [top]
August 3-4, 2001 Annual Planning Retreat & Annual Meeting
July 11, 2001 Rod Nelson, DOE-ORO, "Overview of the DOE Environmental Management Program"
June 13, 2001 Wendy Cain, DOE-ORO, "Overview of the Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Program"
May 9, 2001 Martha Berry, EPA; Doug McCoy, TDEC; Myrna Redfield, DOE-ORO. Panel Discussion of the Watershed Approach to Remediation of the Oak Ridge Reservation
April 11, 2001 Jason Darby, DOE-ORO, Overview of the 2001 Remediation Effectiveness Report/CERCLA Five-Year Review for the U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
March 14, 2001 Barbara Brower, DOE-ORO, "FY 2001 Budget Planning Process and 3-year Budget Cycle"
February 14, 2001 Paul Clay, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC, "Status of Management and Integration Contractor Activities"
January 10, 2001 John Michael Japp, DOE-ORO, "Upper East Fork Poplar Creek Watershed and Proposed Plan"
December 13, 2000 Jim Kopotic, DOE-ORO, "Proposed Plan for East Tennessee Technology Park Zone 1"
November 8, 2000 Tim Myrick, UT-Battelle, "ORNL Facilities Revitalization Project"
October 11, 2000 Bill Cahill, DOE-ORO, "Update on the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility"
FY-2000 [top]
September 6, 2000 Rikki Traylor, ORSSAB, "Parliamentary Procedure"
August 12, 2000 Annual Planning Retreat
August 11, 2000 Dave Adler (DOE-ORO), Wilson McGinn (U.T./Battelle), and Bill Pardue (ORSSAB); "Overviews of laws and regulations, risk assessments, and SSABs (respectively)"
July 5, 2000 Sue Rice, Frank Di Sanza, & Dennis Hurtt, "Disposal Operations at Envirocare of Utah, the Nevada Test Site, and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant"
June 21, 2000 New member orientation
June 7, 2000 Bill Seay, DOE-ORO, Leader, Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) Remediation Management Group, "Overview of the Oak Ridge Reservation Watersheds"
May 3, 2000 Jake Alexander & Bob Peelle, "Releases of Contaminants from Oak Ridge Facilities and Risks to Public Health - the Final Report of the Oak Ridge Health Agreement Steering Panel"
April 5, 2000 Pat Daly, MSC/BNFL, "Metals Recycling"
March 8, 2000 Ed Carreras, EPA, and  Jason Darby, DOE-ORO, "CERCLA Five-Year Review"
February 2, 2000 Earl Leming, TDEC, Susan Gawarecki, LOC, "Watts Bar Fish Consumption Advisories"
January 5, 2000 Dick Green, EPA Region 4, "EPA's Role in Federal Facilities Restoration"
December 1, 1999 Joe Nemec, Manager of Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC, "Status of Management and Integration Contractor Activities"
November 3, 1999 Rod Nelson, DOE-ORO EM Manager, "Overview of the DOE-ORO Environmental Management (EM) Program"
October 6, 1999 Leah Dever, Manager, DOE-ORO, "Oak Ridge Offices Outlook"
FY-1999 [top]
September 1, 1999 Camilla Bond Warren, EPA Section Chief for the DOE Remedial Section,  "Draft Environmental Sampling Plan for the Scarboro Community"
August 4, 1999 New member training and presentation of  plaques to members who had chosen not to be reappointed to the Board
July 7, 1999 Cissy Perkins, DOE-ORO, "DOE Environmental Management Integration Initiative"
June 2, 1999 Dr. Solomon Pollard, EPA Region 4, "Results of Toxic Release Inventory Geographic Information Survey"
May 12, 1999 James D. Werner, DOE-HQ, "Stewardship at DOE Sites"
April 7, 1999 Katy Kates, DOE-ORO Realty Officer, "Real Estate Land Actions at ORO" (no audio or video recordings are available for the presentation portion of the meeting)
March 10, 1999 Jim Kopotic, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices, "Update on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Surface Impoundments Operable Unit"
February 3, 1999 John Murphy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Oak Ridge Reservation Site Environmental Report for 1997"
January 6, 1999 Canceled due to weather
December 2, 1998 Pat Parr, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Area Manager, "Oak Ridge Reservation Comprehensive Integrated Plan"
November 4, 1998 Joe Nemec, President, Bechtel Jacobs Company, "Status of the East Tennessee Technology Park Management & Integration Transition"
October 7, 1998 Jim Hall, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices Manager, "Overview of Oak Ridge Offices and the DOE Complex"
FY-1998 [top]
September 2, 1998 Earl Leming, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, "The State's Regulatory Perspective and SSAB Participation in the Process"
August 5, 1998 Steve Kopp, SSAB Member, "ORREMSSAB Public Outreach"
July 8, 1998 Lorene Sigal, SSAB Member, and Al Brooks, Local Oversight Committee Member, "Stewardship on the Oak Ridge Reservation"
June 3, 1998 Sean Todd, DOE-HQ, "Information on Upcoming DOE Decisions and the Intersite Discussions"
May 6, 1998 Judith Holm, DOE-HQ, "DOE's National Waste Transportation Program"
April 1, 1998 John Moore, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices, "Overview of the Technology Development Program"
March 4, 1998 Regular Business Meeting
February 4, 1998 Canceled due to weather
January 7, 1998 Joe Nemec, President, Bechtel Jacobs Company, "Restoring Environments, Creating Opportunities"
December 3, 1997 Marty Letourneau, DOE-HQ, "Waste Management Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement"
November 5, 1997 Dave Adler, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices, "Bear Creek Valley Watershed Strategy"
October 7, 1997 Bill Rickman, "Toxic Substance Control Act Incinerator"
October 1, 1997 Paul Hofman, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices, "1997 Remediation Effectiveness Report"
FY-1997 [top]
September 3, 1997 J. Warren Webb, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Outbreak of the Southern Pine Beetle on the Oak Ridge Reservation"
August 28, 1997 Approval of Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator Grant, FY 1998 Work Plan, and Amendment of Bylaws
August 6, 1997 SSAB Members Randy Gordon, Rikki Traylor, and Janice Stokes, "International Conference on Incineration and Thermal Treatment Technologies"
July 9, 1997 Approval of Comments and Recommendations on the Surface Impoundments Operable Unit Proposed Plan
June 11, 1997 Earle Dixon, Nevada Test Site Citizens Advisory Board, "Status of the National Dialogue"
May 7, 1997 Approval of Comments and Recommendations on the Draft K-25 Environmental Assessment for Lease of Land and Facilities
April 2, 1997 Regular Business Meeting
March 5, 1997 Bill Truex, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices, and Bobby Renfro, Job Training Program Assistance, "DOE Contractor Employees Layoff"
February 15, 1997 East Tennessee Technology Park Worker Health Concerns Workshop, "History of Health Studies Conducted on the Oak Ridge Reservation"
February 5, 1997 Dr. John Stockwell, EPA Region 4, "Toxic Release Inventory Study and Sentinel Environmental Health Evaluation"
February 4, 1997 Approval of Clinch River/Poplar Creek Proposed Plan Recommendations
January 15, 1997 Meeting canceled for lack of quorum
January 8, 1997 Pat Parr, Virginia Dale, and Linda Cain, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "Oak Ridge Reservation Natural Resources, Environmental Research, and Education Resources"
December 4, 1996 Regular Business Meeting
November 6, 1996 Regular Business Meeting
October 2, 1996 Regular Business Meeting
FY-1996 [top]
September 28, 1996 SSAB Workshop with Bonnie Bolejack, Facilitator, "Developing Cleanup Principles for the SSAB"
September 11, 1996 Election of FY 1997 Officers and Approval of FY 1996 Annual Report
August 28, 1996 Discussion of FY 1996 Annual Report, Ten Year Plan Recommendations to DOE, Union Valley/Upper East Fork Poplar Creek Characterization Study Recommendations to DOE
August 7, 1996 Discussion of FY 1996 Annual Report
July 10, 1996 Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, EPA Region 4, DOE Waste Management Division, and DOE Environmental Restoration Division, "Implications of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for the Oak Ridge Reservation"
June 19, 1996 Gary Bodenstein, DOE; Paul Boyer, Acting Manager City of Oak Ridge; Terry Domm, Oak Ridge Regional Planning Commission; Amy Fitzgerald, Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee; Ben Adams, Adams, Craft, Hertz & Walker; Susan Gawarecki, League of Women Voters, "Future Land Use of Oak Ridge Reservation"
June 5, 1996 "Perimeter Air Monitoring of the Oak Ridge Reservation"
May 29, 1996 Special Business Meeting to Discuss Draft Comments on "Proposed Privatization of Treatment and Disposal of the DOE's Oak Ridge Reservation Low-Level Mixed Waste, Programmatic Environmental Assessment," February 1996
May 22, 1996 Presentations by Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation DOE Oversight
May 1, 1996 "Vision 2010 as it Pertains to Environmental Management"
April 3, 1996 "Construction of a Waste Facility for Waste Generated by the Environmental Restoration Program and Currently Stored Waste"
March 25, 1996 Special Business Meeting to Finalize Second Draft of FY 1998 Prioritization Comments to DOE
March 13, 1996 Special Business Meeting to Discuss the Board's First Draft of FY 1998 Prioritization Comments to Submit to DOE
March 6, 1996 Discussion of Draft of Prioritization of Environmental Management Projects for FY 1998
February 21, 1996 "Remote Sensing and Aerial Surveys for the Oak Ridge Reservation"
January 24, 1996 "DOE's Risk Prioritization Process"
January 17, 1996 Business Meeting (Discussion of Proposed Bylaws)
December 20, 1995 Business Meeting (Discussion of Proposed Bylaws)
November 15, 1995 "Environmental Management Prioritization Process"
October 25, 1995 "Radiological Exposures, Controls, and Monitoring"
October 14, 1995 Tour of Oak Ridge Reservation
FY-1995 [top]
September 21, 1995 Introduction of Board Members (Background, Interest, Expectations); Presentation of Workbook and Checklist of Organizing Options; Discussion of Organizational Issues


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