Adjustment Assistance Coordinating Council (AACC)

The Oak Ridge Office established and chairs regular meetings of the Adjustment Assistance Coordinating Council (AACC) to serve as the ongoing mechanism for discussing Work Force Restructuring (WFR) issues and exploring possible solutions or activities to address them with community and local stakeholders. The AACC is an ongoing communication and consulting team with continuing participation by DOE, union leaders, and employee representatives of contractors and subcontractors, and various other stakeholders.


There are no formal "membership" requirements, a variety of other stakeholders attend AACC meetings whenever they find them useful during their planning process and development of the WFR Plan.  AACC meetings are normally held every 2 or 3 weeks.  Additional meetings are held as needed to discuss WFR issues that arise under Section 3161.



Adjustment Assistance Coordinating Council (AACC)

March 8, 2007



The Adjustment Assistance Coordinating Council (AACC) met in the Benefits Conference Room at 104 Union Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN, on March 8, 2007, with the following present:  Lisa Carter, DOE-ORO; Brenda Curtis, WSI; Sandy Davis, BJC; Laura Easterling, DOE-ORO; Amy Fitzgerald, City of Oak Ridge; Ruth Fullen, BJC; Jeff Ginsburg, Legacy Resource Corporation; Randy Lawson, IGUA; Bill Myers, DOE Contractors’ Career Center; Emily Nunn, BWXT Y-12 & Career Center; Floyd Oliver, USW/BJC; Ben Overton, WSI/SPFPA; Dennis Pennington, United Steel Workers; Ann Rigell, ORAU; Carol Russell, BJC; John Sims, WSI/IGUA; Brian Weber, WSI. 


Lisa Carter, DOE, presided.


Lisa reported on that DOE Headquarters recently asked for comments on the suspended DOE N 351.1, Contractor Medical and Pension Policy.  This is a follow-up to the policy first issued on 4/27/2006.  DOE has started getting stakeholder input from private industry, citizens, contractors and unions. 

On April 15, 2007, HQ met with union representatives.  The union representatives were from the International and National levels.  If the union had no international or national organizations, then a local union was invited.  Collective bargaining issues were NOT discussed at the meeting. 


DOE’s portion of the FY2007 budget was finalized the first week of March.  It brought good news for BJC and it was able to cancel some impacts to the work force.


Lisa reported that there were no determinations yet on the future of the Career Center but she is meeting with various Contractors to determine the path forward.


The Department of Energy will not be having the HR Managers’ Conference this year.


DOE’s Contractor HR group is starting to talk about compensation and the need to make more training available.  Discussions have just begun. 


Reports from attendees:


Ann Rigell, ORAU, reported that ORAU has one person going out this month resulting from a layoff.  They are not expecting any more layoffs.  ORAU also recently hired a couple 3161-eligible employees.  They have posted several open positions on their web site.


Amy Fitzgerald reported on current issues within the city of Oak Ridge.  The city is in the process of taking over the fire station at ETTP.  They will be hiring 27 fire fighters to staff that facility.  They are now going through the real estate transfer at the site.  There is also a separate MOU dealing with the utilities at the site. 


Leonard Abbatiello (who often attends these meetings for the city) and two others are not running for re-election to the Oak Ridge City Council this year.  That means that 3 of the 7 Oak Ridge City Council members will be new to the job.


The Oak Ridge City Council has been kept busy lately working on the proposal for a Target store and surrounding stores that has been proposed for Pine Ridge.  The proposal calls for approximately 450,00 square feet of retail space.  This will be discussed in subsequent council meetings.


Work on the Oak Ridge Mall is behind schedule.   Steve Arnsdorff has joined with CORE Properties for the mall redevelopment (City Center) project.  The project is really a private enterprise and is out of the city’s hands.


Brian Weber, WSI, attended the TN Labor-Management Mid-Winter Conference which was the week before the AACC meeting.


Brenda Curtis of WSI announced that they are looking for qualified candidates for a July class of new Security Police.


Bill Myers reported that the he had met with 31 new Career Center clients recently.  Several Career Center users have been hired by various area companies.  Bill is now trying to place several people who have active DOE “Q” clearances.   


Dennis Pennington and Floyd Oliver reported that the United Steel Workers Union has several members who have received layoff notices.  Weskem is recalling seven operators from BJC and others have been interviewed and gone through the pre-hire process at Y-12. 


All the contractors are still working with their budget figures.  DOE is very specific about how the budget money is spent, so it is often impossible to shift money from one fund to another.


Ruth Fullen reported that BJC distributed nine RIF notices to salaried employees March 2.  Many of their layoffs are not due to funding.  Many times people are laid off because the assigned work has been completed.  There will be a few additional salaried impacts.  All employees at BJC have been given tentative dates for the end of their work.  However, most of those dates have been delayed.  For example, TOSCA (Incinerator) work was supposed to already be closed; however the ending date is now 2011.


Jeff Ginsberg reported that Legacy has also been impacted negatively due to the budget cuts for temporary personnel.  Their work in Oak Ridge is stable, but not growing, right now.  He encouraged DOE to go forward with their training initiatives so that the contractors could learn “how to speak DOE.”


Randy Lawson, president of the IGUA, talked about the new standards received from DOE on security police qualifications.  He talked about how Wackenhut and the union worked together to look at the order and reduce the impacts.  The two groups together studied the order and became offensive in finding solutions to prevent large-scale layoffs. 


Lisa Carter closed the meeting by thanking all the labor-management associations for working together.


The next meeting of the AACC will be Thursday, June 14, 2007, 10:00 a.m., in the large conference room at 104 Union Valley Road (Benefits Building).  Please put the meeting on your calendar and plan to attend.




This will be my last action as the Oak Ridge Career Center Manager.  I am retiring from BWXT Y-12, effective April 30, 2007.  I have truly enjoyed my association with each one of you since I joined the Career Center operations in 1993.  Our Career Center has accomplished a lot over those years and I thank each one of you for your support. 


Connie Polson will re-join the Career Center as its manager after my retirement.  Bill Myers will continue the day-to-day operations of the Career Center until a determination can be made regarding the future of the Center.



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