Contractor EEO/Diversity Forum

This Forum hosted by the Contractor Human Resources Group (CHRG) began in 1987 and is held on a quarterly basis.  It originally involved our largest Management and Operating contractor when most of the work was accomplished via that contracting vehicle, but was expanded to include all major contractors when the work began to be separated by program in 1998.  It provides a mechanism for contractors to provide employment statistics, as well as discuss both best practices and opportunities for improvement in the EEO/Diversity arena.  It also provides and avenue for the CHRG to provide candid and timely feedback.  It fosters a collegial environment that encourages contractors to share limited resources, and join together for various recognition celebrations.


The Contractor EEO/Diversity Forum has been revamped into a Senior Department of Energy Manager meeting discussing diversity initiatives with the Diversity and Employee Concerns Program Manager. 

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