2006 Presentations

45th Civil Support Team (WMD): Peace Through Science, One Step Ahead5.22 MBDownload
Citizen Information Needs in Chemical Incidents2.89 MBDownload
Crisis Communications: Lessons Learned from TMI (and Katrina)974.50 KBDownload
Critical Incident Stress Management: Psychological First Aid for Trauma154.50 KBDownload
Development of the Oak Ridge Office Emergency Public Information Program425.50 KBDownload
ETTP Site Overview25.10 MBDownload
History and Capabilities of the Tennessee State Guard1.94 MBDownload
National Incident Management System (NIMS) in Tennessee730.00 KBDownload
NIMS for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities724.50 KBDownload
ORNL Site Overview5.27 MBDownload
ORR Site Overview9.18 MBDownload
Pandemic Influenza - Are There Any Answers890.50 KBDownload
Pandemic Planning: Community Working Together3.34 MBDownload
Y-12 Site Overview2.77 MBDownload

 Pandemic Influenza Reference Material:

Anitviral FAQs35.36 KBDownload
Antigenic Drift1.00 MBDownload
Antigenic Shift205.15 KBDownload
Antivirals - State Allocations123.81 KBDownload
Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist150.57 KBDownload
Colleges and Universities Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist170.04 KBDownload
Development of the DOE Pandemic Influenza Plans305.57 KBDownload
HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan5.70 MBDownload
HHS Pandemic Planning Update 031306890.85 KBDownload
HHS Pandemic Planning Update 0629063.45 MBDownload
History of Pandemics Resource List69.28 KBDownload
Home Healthcare Services Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist200.96 KBDownload
Microbix Pandemic Response Plan - Improving Your Protection74.41 KBDownload
National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza702.08 KBDownload
National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan2.50 MBDownload
Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals and Families120.63 KBDownload
PRWeb Press Release - 10 Tips for Business Communications12.53 KBDownload
State of TN Dept. of Health Pandemic Influenza Response Plan1,011.48 KBDownload
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