In the unlikely event of an emergency on the Oak Ridge Reservation, the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Office will provide you with needed information here as it becomes available.
*There is no emergency at this time on the Oak Ridge Reservation.*

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office is committed to protecting our people, emergency personnel, national security information, facilities, lands, and neighboring communities from loss of life, injury, illness, loss of property, or degradation of the common health and the welfare caused by emergency conditions at any of our signature facilities, whether due to personal actions, forces of nature, or external events. Our partners at the Y-12 National Security Complex share in this commitment and the two organizations have joined forces with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to create a comprehensive Web site that contains all the information needed to prepare for and respond to an emergency on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Every citizen who lives or works in Oak Ridge is encouraged to take a moment to familiarize themselves with the information provided on this Web site; there is a lot to learn! For example, do you know what to do if the sirens sound around the Oak Ridge Reservation? Do you know what it means to shelter-in-place? Do you have what you need on hand in case an evacuation or shelter-in-place order is issued? Do you know which evacuation shelter services your home or work? If you answered no to any of these questions then now is the time for you to prepare and plan for an emergency.

The Department of Energy takes seriously its responsibility to protect its people and the surrounding community and to provide important information to you about what to do if an emergency occurs on the Oak Ridge Reservation. But it is up to you to use the information to prepare, plan, and stay informed.


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