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Environmental Management

The Oak Ridge Reservation is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) most unique and complex sites, encompassing three major campuses and spanning almost 34,000 acres.  Each campus performs a diverse set of missions, but all share a crucial need for environmental clean-up.

The Environmental Management (EM) program addresses this need by removing the hazards left behind from research and defense operations during the Manhattan Project and Cold War.  The EM program works daily to reverse decades of environmental contamination and open the door for growth in science, national security, reindustrialization, and next generation energy.

Every day, the EM organization works aggressively to accelerate the clean-up schedule for Oak Ridge, understanding the safety and future of the site hinges on its progress.  

East Tennessee Technology Park
Substantial clean-up activities continue at the former uranium enrichment complex.  Contaminated facilities are being removed, while clean facilities are getting a second life by transitioning them to privately-owned businesses.  Progress is occurring daily to transform the site into a self- sustaining, privately-owned industrial park.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
EM’s vision for the laboratory is to be a safe, thriving center for the nation’s most advanced energy research. To fulfill this vision, extensive cleanup of the central campus must be completed, and the inventory of U-233, a special nuclear material stored onsite, must be dispositioned.  The central campus area is littered with hazardous and outdated facilities that hinder new development for the DOE’s evolving missions.  Recent work has addressed several key concerns, but much remains to be accomplished to pave the way for the Office of Science to modernize the site.

Y-12 National Security Complex
At Y-12, EM is working to drastically reduce the site’s footprint and address mercury in the soil and surface water resulting from past operations.  We are working to ensure a brighter, safer future for the Y-12 National Security Complex so it can better perform its mission— securing and protecting our nation.

Transuranic Waste Processing Facility
Through years of defense-related research, a great deal of transuranic material was generated and stored in Oak Ridge.  In 2003, the TRU Waste Processing Facility was constructed to treat the many forms of waste found around the Oak Ridge Reservation.  The EM program is steadily working to remove all transuranic waste from the state of Tennessee.

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