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FY 2008 Performance Appraisal Reports
In Fiscal Year 2006, the Office of Science (SC) instituted a new process for evaluating the scientific, technological, management, and operational performance of the contractors who run its ten national laboratories.
The new appraisal process established a common structure and scoring system across all ten of the SC laboratories. Structured around eight performance goals, the appraisal process emphasizes the importance of delivering the science and technology necessary to meet the missions of DOE; operating the laboratories in a safe, secure, responsible and cost-effective way; and recognizing the leadership, stewardship and value provided by the senior leadership of the laboratory and its managing contractor. Input is solicited from all the major sponsors of work at the laboratory.

The new appraisal process has enhanced the SC management’s involvement in the evaluation of its laboratories’ performance through a series of meetings designed to establish challenging yet equitable performance measures for all the labs at the beginning of the year, and subsequently discuss and evaluate the laboratories’ performance at the end of the year. Both the laboratories’ report cards and evaluation reports are made available to the public.

More information about the DOE SC laboratory appraisal process and the FY 2008 SC Laboratory Performance Reports Cards is available

Questions about a laboratory’s report card and/or appraisal report should be directed to the laboratory’s DOE Site Office contact.

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