Welcome to the Oak Ridge Office Black Employment Program

Our Mission:
To encourage equal opportunity for African-Americans to become an integral part of the Oak Ridge Offices Office (ORO) mission by providing leadership and assistance to management officials in developing and implementing upward mobility programs, career counseling, as well as being an advocate for the employee. Moreover, positively impacting the employment, and advancement of African-Americans within the Oak Ridge Office.

Core Values:

  • To meet the goals of the Oak Ridge Office while maintaining a diverse workforce that accurately reflects our society.
  • To promote fair and equitable treatment to all individuals. 


  • Monitor career development and the advancement of African-Americans within ORO
  • Provide an annual diversity training workshop.  
  • Sponsor programs that highlight African-Americans and their achievements. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate personal and visible involvement in the Offices of Diversity Program, by serving as a liaison between management and African-American employees, as appropriate.
  • Serve as a support network for information and guidance in all areas of Human Resources including employment, education, retention, and promotion of African-Americans.
  • Develop and assist in the execution of informational programs pertinent to the employment and employment concerns of African-Americans.
  • Ensure that ORO promotes African-Americans in the workforce in all career fields. 

For further information please contact:
Katatra Vasquez, Black Employement Program Manager
Phone: (865) 576-0835
Fax: (865) 576-3071

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