Federal Women's Program (FWP)
In October 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Executive Order 11375 which added sex to other prohibited forms of discrimination in the federal government. As a result of this order the Federal Women's Program (FWP) was established. Currently within the federal government all departments and independent agencies must designate FWP Managers. Other agencies and field organizations are not required but are encouraged to designate employees to carry out FWP responsibilities. Within the Oak Ridge Office, the FWP responsibilities are carried out by a Manager and an Assistant Manager who operate in a collateral capacity. 

2013 Oak Ridge Women's Career Workshop!

FWP Mission Statement    

To support the achievement of the Oak Ridge Office (ORO) mission by providing leadership, advice and assistance to management officials in developing and implementing women's activities such as enhancing upward mobility, monitoring career counseling, as well as being an advocate for the employee; and to positively impact the employment, professional development, and advancement of women within ORO.
100.gifCore Values

To meet the goals of the ORO while maintaining a diverse workforce that accurately reflects our society. To promote fair and equitable treatment to all individuals.
  • To provide information on career planning, upward mobility, special training (cross training, special details and assignments), continuing education opportunities, and balancing work and family that helps improves self-confidence and competitive status with men.
  • To identify and find solutions to problems in recruitment, retention, and advancement of women at the Oak Ridge Office.
  • To provide information on identifying, eliminating, and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. 
  • To identify barriers which affect advancement of female employees and techniques useful in overcoming these barriers.
Activities/Current Programs
  • Annual Oak Ridge Women's Workshop
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for Girls (in support of the White House Council on Women and Girls)
  • Quarterly Lunch & Learns
  • Mock Interviews
  • Oak Ridge Mentoring GAME Program 
FWP Committee
Dationa Carter, Federal Women's Program Manager
Bethany Belice, Financial Evaluation and Accounting Division
Carolyn Davis, Office of Science
DiAnn Fields, Public Affairs Office
Teresa Fritz-Powers, TPF-Consultants.com
Heather Harris, Oak Ridge Financial Service Center
Mildred Lopez-Ferre, Environmental Safety & Health
Markesha McCants, Office of Administration
Elizabeth Phillips, Environmental Management
Tina Pooler, Financial Evaluation and Accounting Division
Ana Rosado-Gonzalez, Environmental Management
Katie Shular, Oak Ridge Financial Service Center
Claire Sinclair, Public Affairs Office
Christy Seymour, Office of Financial Management
Rakisha Myers, Planning and Budget Division
Judy Penry, Program Leadership
Rufus Smith, Diversity Programs
Links of Interest
For further information about the Oak Ridge Office's Federal Women's Program,
please contact the ORO FWP Manager Dationa O. Carter, (865) 576-1221.

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