Office of Security and Emergency Management

The Security and Emergency Management page is designed to give newcomers and veterans alike an introduction and refresher about our activities. We hope you will find it useful. Much of this page's contents are oriented to reindustrialization and other managers of new DOE projects and programs. Feel free to contact the designated key personnel for assistance.

Access Authorization Branch
Using established guidelines and the “whole person concept,” we evaluate and adjudicate informaton about those who need clearances which is developed during background investigations. The objective is to render access determinations that are in the best interest of national security. We also provide security education and awareness information, personnel security program support, and visitor control and foreign travel support to the Oak Ridge Office, the Paducah-Portsmouth Project Office, and the Thomas Jefferson National Accerelator Facility.

Emergency Management Team
Interfacing with DOE Headquarters, DOE contractors, members of the state and local organizations, and others, we plan the Oak Ridge Office's reaction to possible emergency events, including (but not limited to) those involving adversaries, those caused by accidents, and those induced by “natural” causes, such as severe weather. We also manage the Oak Ridge Operations Center, as well as the Emergency Operations Center, which activates during emergency events.

Materials Control and Accountability Team
The Team plays several important roles, such as accounting for and safeguarding nuclear material, providing information security, and performing classification duties. The “accounting and safeguarding” function supports safety and operational objectives at Oak Ridge facilities and furnishes data relevant to compliance with safeguards agreements between the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as U.S. cooperative agreements with foreign entities. The “information security” role encompasses providing advice and oversight concerning protection of classified matter and systems, cyber security, techical surveillance countermeasures, and operations security. The “classification” function focuses on determining whether information is classified, is de-classifiable, or otherwise may be proliferate-sensitive, and the proper means for treating each.

Security Oversight and Support Branch
The Security Oversight and Support Branch provides direct assistance and oversight to the Oak Ridge Office and contractor organizations in support of DOE requirements for compliance and performance of policy objectives in the functional area of security. The support crosscuts all DOE/ORO programs in providing expert advice to weapons, energy research, waste management, Reindustrialization and the US Enrichment Corporation (USEC) programs in implementing security programs. The Branch also has responsibility for protective force oversight and law enforcement liaison. 

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