If You Are Advised to Shelter-in-Place

Sheltering-in-place provides protection from potential airborne hazardous materials that may have been released.


If you are asked to shelter-in-place at work or at home, follow these instructions:


• Bring everyone inside (including pets).


• Close all doors and windows.


• Turn off or close all ventilation systems, including:

   • Air conditioning

   • Attic & exhaust fans

   • Furnaces

   • Fireplace dampers


• Determine what sector you are in (see Evacuation Map & Routes).


• Continue to shelter-in-place and listen to one of the EAS stations.


• When the outside air is no longer dangerous, you will be instructed by the EAS that sheltering-in-place has ended and to open and ventilate your home or building.


• Shelters may be opened for individuals who cannot return home because a shelter-in-place has been ordered for the area in which they live. If you are affected in this manner, please listen to EAS stations for announcements of shelters being opened or go to the home of a friend or relative that is outside the area of concern.


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