If You Are Asked to Evacuate to Shelters

An evacuation may be conducted when there is a concern that hazardous materials may impact people in a certain area. If you are directed to evacuate from your home or while at your workplace, follow these guidelines:


• Write down the evacuation route and designated shelter provided over the EAS station. These   instructions will depend on what sector you are currently in (see Evacuation Map & Routes) and what plant site is involved in the emergency.


• If you do not have transportation, call a neighbor or co-worker for assistance. DO NOT CALL 911.


• Tune your vehicle’s radio to one of the EAS stations listed here.


• If you are evacuating with a pet, please ensure you transport your pet in a carrier with plenty of food and water.


• Secure your home or workplace. Before leaving home, tie a white cloth or towel on your front door to indicate to emergency officials that you have gone.


• Keep your vehicle windows closed and turn off air systems to eliminate the possible intake of outside air into your vehicle.


• If you are at home, gather items you will need for a short stay away from home, such as:

        your cellular phone   



        special diet food

        blankets and pillows           


        credit cards

        important papers

        a change of clothing


Special Needs


If you or someone in your household has special needs, such as hearing or physical special needimpairments that would prevent taking protective actions, contact the local governmen


t serving your residence to submit a special needs request.


For citizens in the city limits of Oak Ridge, contact the Oak Ridge Police Department at (865) 425-4399.


For county residents, contact the identified office in your respective county: Roane County Sheriff’s Department at (865) 354-8045, Anderson County Sheriff’s Department at (865) 457-2414, and Loudon County Emergency Management Agency Office at (865) 988-0175.


Children in School

 orhs sign.jpg

During an emergency, affected schools will be contacted immediately by local officials. Your children will be sheltered in their school until it is safe to leave. In the event of a relocation, your children will be evacuated to a pre-determined location, away from the affected area by school officials.


Do not pick your children up from their school or shelter until you are told it is safe to do so.


ETTP Two-Mile Sector (K) School Relocations


Schools and daycares will relocate to Roane State Community College in Harriman.


ORNL Two-Mile Sector (X) School Relocations


There are no permanent residences or schools located in the ORNL Immediate Notification Zone, which is entirely within the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation.


Y-12 Two-Mile Sector (Y) School Relocations


Schools and daycares will relocate to Anderson County High School in Clinton.


If relocation is necessary for sectors beyond the two-mile area, relocation information will be released through media broadcasts..




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