If You Hear the Sirens

Public Warning Sirens


Sirens are placed around each of the three sites to alert individuals within an approximate two-mile area of each site. The sirens are designed to provide warning to the public. In the unlikely event that an emergency impacts the area beyond our reservation boundary, warning sirens located within 2 miles of the affected site will be sounded, and a steady wailing sound will be heard for three to five minutes.


Upon hearing the sirens, immediately go inside a building or automobile and tune to a local radio or television station for specific instructions received over the Emergency Alert System (EAS). If you are on the lake or a river, leave the area by turning away from the sirens and tune to a radio station for specific instructions broadcast over the EAS.


Emergency Alert System


The EAS is a network of radio and television stations on which emergency instructions are provided to the public. The radio and television stations in the Oak Ridge area that broadcast EAS messages are listed below. Warning messages may also be sent over the weather alert radios.




Protective Actions


Protective actions are taken to avoid or minimize the exposure of individuals to the hazard. During emergencies, the local authorities may direct the public to take protective actions. The two primary protective actions are to shelter-in-place or evacuate. These are described in further detail on the following sections.



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