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Preproposal Conference/Site Tour

November 15, 2007     

Richland Federal Building Auditorium     

825 Jadwin Avenue  

Richland, WA 99352



*The Presolicitaion Conference/Site Tour Registration Form has been revised due to the fact that dosimeters will no longer be required on the tour.  Site Tour attendees must submit the registration form by 1:00 EST on November 5, 2007.


Notice of Presolicitation Conference and Site Tour

PNNL Draft RFP DE-RP05-08OR23300 


A presolicitation conference is scheduled for 8:00 a.m., November 15, 2007, at the Richland Federal Building Auditorium, with respect to the subject Draft RFP.  Although the question and comment period on the Draft RFP ends December 10, 2007, prospective Offerors are encouraged to submit questions and comments prior to November 7, 2007 so that they may be addressed during the presolicitation conference or the one-on-one meetings.  All questions and comments regarding the Draft RFP must be submitted through the “Submit Questions” feature on IIPS. The Government asks that this process be used rather than letters, e-mails, and/or telephone calls. Responses, if required, will also be posted on IIPS.  If you plan to attend the presolicitation conference, please complete the attached registration form.  All potential Offerors are encouraged to attend.

A site tour is scheduled for 12:30 p.m., November 15, 2007.  Check-in will be held at the Richland Federal Building Auditorium.  Potential Offerors are limited to 3 attendees for the site tour.  No electronic recording of any type by potential offerors will be allowed at the site tour.  If you plan to attend the site tour, please complete the attached registration form.  All potential Offerors are encouraged to attend.  No other site tours are anticipated to be provided. 


Site tour attendees must return the registration form to Heather Houk, Source Evaluation Board Executive Secretary, no later than 1:00 p.m. EST on November 5, 2007.  Foreign nationals planning to attend the site tour must return the forms no later than October 31, 2007.  Forms should be return to her via fax at (865) 241-1990 or e-mail at   


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Presolicitation Conference/Site Tour Registration FormHeather Houk 11/1/2007UnknownDownload
PNNL Visitor Orientation PamphletHost Account 10/29/2007UnknownDownload

The information below was provided at the Presolicitation Conference.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Presolicitation Conference PresentationHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
Presolicitation Conference Presentation NotesJane Hamilton 11/27/2007UnknownDownload
Presolicitation Conference AgendaHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
Presolicitation Conference Attendee ListHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload

The information below was provided at the Site Tour.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Site Tour Participant InformationHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
Site Tour ScriptHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
Site Tour Attendee ListHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
RPL VideoHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload
Site Tour AgendaHeather Houk 11/21/2007UnknownDownload